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About The Artist

My Background


Born in 1977 to a white mother and  black father who were both teenagers my childhood was no fairytale yet I am still grateful. One of my most fond memories was watching my grandfather on (my moms side) paint he would use oil and paint landscapes and listen to classical music. From this I started too  dabble in the arts, and by 9th grade I had sold my first piece! Unfortunately my dreams were not supported as I was told art was not for me by more than one person. Sadly I was just a product of my enviroment. I actually dropped out of school and got into the streets and started hustling. Fortunately through it all the bad times and good ones I was able to bounce back and grow up and be a man and earn an honest living from becoming an  executive chef to opening from the ground up and running a national awarded and recognized roadside assistance company to becoming a N.C bail bondsman. For years I always felt like something was missing. Fast forward several years later My Grandfather passed away and I was in a dark place due too losing a lot of loved ones and just goin through a tough time, lookin for light IN A FIGURTIVE kind  of way, one day I was checking on  my grandmother and she reminded me that my grandpa had left me some ART and an EASEL  and said "you know he always did think you were special with that creative side" and he would LOVE for you to PAINT again! So...  I did just that I went out in the garage picked up that easel and I have been at it ever since! NOW several years later I bring to you some of my deepest thoughts and parts of my walk through life on canvas! 

TRUE ORIGINAL ART! #flydragonarts

My Medium


I use many different mediums, such as oil, acrylics, and pastels, spray paints.    I believe that working in a single medium is restrictive to my artistic process. Each idea manifests in its own individual style and can call for something so much different than the next.  I like variety,,, they say its the spice of life!

My Inspiration


I truly love to create art, God was and is the ultimate creator and artist. He created my son and he is truly my everything so to show my gratitude I create not only to build a legacy for my son, but also to be an inspiration too him and other KIDS growing up to let them know IT'S OK to BE YOU and  FOLLOW YOUR HEART and  GO AFTER YOUR DREAMS and do  what makes you  HAPPY!  Let your DRAGON FLY!